Just over 4 million people will receive the declaration sent to them digitally from today and one week from now.

Users of the digital mailboxes have increased by about half a million since last year, according to the Swedish Tax Agency.

“It is a bit of a milestone that this year we are sending out more digital declarations than paper declarations.

We have seen a large increase in digital mailboxes for several years ", says Anna Sjöberg, tax return expert at the Swedish Tax Agency, in a press release.

Early refund

A total of 8.1 million declarations are sent out, both digitally and in paper form.

Another novelty this year is that people without digital mailboxes can view their tax returns on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

Anyone who can approve the information received by the Swedish Tax Agency without making changes can receive their refund at the beginning of April.

This applies if the declaration is approved without changes to the app, e-service, by phone or text message by the end of March, according to the Swedish Tax Agency.

“Do not forget to check the information in the declaration when you receive it.

If a task is incorrect, it is important to contact the person who provided the task, such as an employer or bank, so that they can correct it.

It is a prerequisite for being able to approve the tax return and receive tax money in April ", says Jonny Nilsson, tax return expert at the Swedish Tax Agency.