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The PSOE is working to promote a motion of censure against Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, president of Castilla y León.

The leader of the socialists in this community,

Luis Tudanca

, has shown his commitment to work "with discretion" in order for this initiative to prosper.

Socialists rule out presenting it right now and doing it when they believe its success "is guaranteed", but they are determined to try.

For it to triumph they would need at least three votes of the 12 that Ciudadanos has, which governs in coalition with the PP.

The PSOE won the last regional elections in Castilla y León with 35 deputies, but the alliance encouraged from the national leaderships in Madrid between the PP (29) and Ciudadanos (12) prevented the Socialists from ruling.

The option of the motion of censure has been in the falsehoods of this community for a long time, but now it has gained strength and prominence not only because the door is not closed from the PSOE, but because it is openly spoken of.

"Unsustainable" situation

"We will present the motion of censure in his case if it is to win it, and we will win it," he said in an interview on TVE

Ander Gil,

spokesman for the PSOE in the Senate.

"The degree of political deterioration in Castilla y León is little known."

Gil even stated that "contacts are taking place", "progress is being made faster and more positively than we expected."

Faced with the concreteness and steps forward exposed by Gil, Castilian-Leon parliamentary sources consulted by this newspaper point out that this route is on the table, but they consider that now is not the time due to the health situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the situation is described as "unsustainable".

Luis Tudanca

, who visited Aranda de Duero (Burgos) this Thursday, has not alluded to the contacts, but has stated his intention: "We will seek support and we will make the motion when success is guaranteed."

"The dismantling of health care and privatization continues and has nothing to do with the pandemic," said the socialist leader. "We are witnessing a farce with continuous contradictory statements between the president, spokesman and advisers of the PP and Citizens, who it is weighing on the social and economic recovery, which is already urgent, and the fight against the pandemic, "said the leader of the Socialists.

"Manueco has to leave as soon as possible," he said.

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León already has an open front with his own national leadership, determined to take power away from him.

The key is Citizens

As in Madrid, where there has also been speculation about a possible motion of censure by the PSOE against Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the key is Ciudadanos, a parliamentary group in which, according to parliamentary sources, there is division, at least, among the supporters of

Francisco Igea

and those of

Gemma Villarroel

, coordinator of Cs in this community and related to the national leadership, who has denied contacts with the PSOE.

Among the socialist ranks it is recalled that Ciudadanos, and specifically Francisco Igea, ran an electoral campaign talking about "regeneration" and that he ended up signing a pact with the PP.

For now, from the



, Francisco Igea, vice president of the Board, has accused Tudanca of wanting to "buy wills" by seeking support for his possible motion of censure and of having an "unworthy degree of despair."

For her part, Inés Arrimadas, visiting Aragon, cleared the ball by speaking of "unfounded rumors" and of being "very focused where we govern, on governing well."

However, the president of Cs has indicated that she plans to make an institutional visit to Castilla y León "in the near future" to meet with Fernández Mañueco.

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