Wiretapping case: PNF will also appeal the decision -


The National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF) will cross-appeal the decision of the Paris court on Monday, which sentenced Nicolas Sarkozy to prison in the so-called "eavesdropping" case, we learned Thursday after PNF.

This appeal, which follows that of the former head of state and his co-defendants, will allow the court of appeal to have full latitude to re-judge the case, including going beyond the sentences handed down. in the first place.

According to the law, in the absence of such an appeal from the public prosecutor, a court of appeal cannot pronounce heavier sentences than at first instance.

Nicolas Sarkozy, first ex-head of state sentenced to prison

In a historic decision Monday, Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced by the 32nd correctional chamber for corruption and influence peddling to three years' imprisonment, one of which is closed.

His lawyer Thierry Herzog and the former high magistrate Gilbert Azibert were inflicted the same sanction, along with a five-year ban on practice for Me Herzog.

Having become the first ex-head of state to be sentenced to prison, Nicolas Sarkozy immediately announced that he was going to appeal, just like Thierry Herzog and Gilbert Azibert.

The “eavesdropping” case should be retried in 2022, then the three men would then have the possibility of lodging an appeal in cassation.

They face ten years in prison and a million euros fine.


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