The suspect in the stabbing in the Swedish town of Vetlanda is suspected of multiple attempted murder.

Previously, there was talk of a possible terrorist act, but according to the Swedish prosecution that scenario is currently not being investigated.

If there is a terrorist motive, the case is taken over by the Swedish security services.

However, they ruled that they do not have to take over the investigation, the public prosecutor told



The investigation into the stabbing is still in its initial phase, the prosecution emphasizes.

The exact motive of the perpetrator, who injured seven people in the town of Vetlanda on Wednesday, is not yet known.

The police have not yet confirmed the identity of the perpetrator to the media.

It has been announced that he is known to the police because of previous crimes.

Swedish media report that it is a 22-year-old man who was previously arrested for, among other things, drug use.

The man was admitted to hospital with a police bullet in his leg on Wednesday.

In addition, the police searched a home that presumably belongs to the suspect.

Three victims were seriously injured

Initially, three victims were in danger of life.

Two others are seriously injured.

Police said earlier that eight people have been injured, but that number has now been adjusted to seven.

According to the police, the victims were attacked with a "sharp object".

Swedish media report that the suspect carried a knife.

Vetlanda is located in the south of Sweden, more than 200 kilometers east of Gothenburg.

The city has thirteen thousand inhabitants.


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