China News Service, March 4 According to Reuters, the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala erupted on the 3rd, spewing out lava for several hours.

The country’s Meteorological Institute warned that hot volcanic material could fall on nearby towns.

Data map: The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala has frequent activities and the flames are splashing in the dark night.

  "Pacaya volcano is very active and has formed a Stromboli-style eruption," Guatemala's National Institute of Seismology, Volcanoes, Meteorology and Hydrology said in a statement.

  The officials did not order an evacuation.

The eruption of Stromboliya-type volcanoes is relatively small, but it emits burning ash and lava.

  Pacaya Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Central American countries, located 28 kilometers south of Guatemala City.

The institute’s video showed that the volcano began to erupt lava at dawn, forming huge ash pillars.

  The spokesperson of the National Natural Disaster Coordination Committee of Guatemala, David de León, said that late on the 3rd local time, magma was still flowing and the civil defense team was inspecting several facilities that could be used as shelters.

  According to the research institute, the eruption of Pacaya volcano will bring danger to five towns, with about 3,000 residents.

  Before the eruption on the 3rd, Pacaya volcano experienced a month of small-scale active activities.