In a trade dispute over subsidies to aircraft manufacturers, the United States, which is imposing retaliatory tariffs on the EU-European Union, has stopped raising tariffs on Britain, which has left the EU.

The United States and the EU are in conflict over subsidies for their respective aircraft manufacturers, and are imposing retaliatory tariffs on each other after the WTO = World Trade Organization has determined that they are both unfair.

U.S. retaliatory tariffs include the United Kingdom, which was a member of the EU, but the U.S. and United Kingdom governments issued a joint statement on the 4th, and U.S. tariffs on imports from the United Kingdom such as Scotch whiskey It has announced that it will suspend the increase for four months and enter into talks for a settlement.

Regarding this, the US government says, "We will be able to concentrate on negotiations for a solution and seriously face trade issues such as China."

On the other hand, Britain had stopped retaliatory tariffs on the United States prior to this, and took advantage of its position of withdrawal from the EU to make a compromise.

Britain is aiming to conclude a free trade agreement with the United States, and Prime Minister Johnson "shows how he can act as a country that can freely decide on trade policies. He wants to strengthen relations with the United States." I have commented.