• Assault on the Capitol Four dead and 52 arrested in the assault of the followers of Donald Trump on the US Capitol

  • USA Police warn of a plan to break into the United States Capitol this Thursday

Washington woke up today with the fear of reliving

the nightmare of January 6

, when supporters of Donald Trump stormed the United States Congress, causing five deaths.

The reason was the call in online forums of marches in favor of the former president that, for the US police authorities, could lead to violent acts.

A part of Trump's supporters even thought - and they had expressed this in photos on the internet - that the former president was going to

assume power today.

There has been no violence.

But even so, the Capitol - the building that houses the Senate and House of Representatives -

is closed.

The 6,200 soldiers who protect the building and other headquarters of the US state apparatus are

on alert

, and another 5,000 troops are outside the city, ready to intervene if necessary.

Part of the barriers surrounding the Capitol have been reinforced with barbed wire.

The goal is to avoid a repeat of the January 6 disaster.

And despite the absence of demonstrations, the police authorities seem to take the

threat from radical groups

very seriously


The Capitol Police, which is in charge of the security of the building, has asked the Department of Defense to extend the deployment of the soldiers in Washington for an additional 60 days, until May.

The request comes amid a chaos of mutual recriminations between the different bodies and security forces of the State about the

incredible security breaches

that allowed the assault on January 6.

So, after the excess of tranquility, now everything seems to indicate that it has fallen into a maximum concern.

The truth is that the groups behind much of the threats of violent protests are not to be taken lightly.

Although they tend to group together in the



, which maintains that the world is experiencing a secret war between Donald Trump, on the one hand, and a network of pedophiles that controls the planet, on the other, among them are the

Proud Boys


Proud Boys

, who played an important role in the events of January 6), the

Three Percenters

(who argue that it will suffice to mobilize 3% of the US population to carry out a revolution),

the 'Sovereign Citizens'

(who do not recognize any authority above his county sheriff), and the 'Oath Keepers'.

These are movements without a defined structure, although they all share the thesis that a

'genocide' of the white race is taking place

and that the Jews are a 'threat'.

For the most part, these movements do not recognize the authority of the state.

March 4 is symbolic in character for Trump's most radical supporters, mostly grouped around the QAnon conspiracy theory, which is turning toward

markedly extremist and racist positions.

The date is important because, until 1933, that was the date on which the

transfer of powers from one president to another took place

, and, for the toughest wing of 'Trumpism', no American president has held the office of Legitimate way since Ulysses S. Grant, 152 years ago.

The reason they have set that date clearly indicates the underlying ideology of these groups: In 1868, the United States passed the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states that former black slaves have the right to vote and that senior officials who are They have rebelled against the legal order of the country - in clear reference to the rebels who declared

secession to maintain and expand slavery

- they would not be able to exercise public functions again.

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