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final candidates for the power of the people in the Seoul and Busan mayors' by-election next month, Se-hoon Oh in Seoul and Hyeong-jun Park in Busan were confirmed.

In the election of the mayor of Seoul, the unification of opposition powers is of great interest, and Candidate Oh said that he would surely achieve unification with Candidate Chul-soo Ahn.

Reporter Lee Hyun-young.


The Power of the People announced that Se-Hoon Oh, former Mayor of Seoul, has been selected as the final candidate for the Seoul Mayor's by-election.

In the contest through 100% citizen polls, Candidate Se-Hoon Oh won 41.64% of the votes, and candidate Na Gyeong-won, who competed fiercely at the last minute of the contest, was over 5 percentage points.

Candidate Oh once again apologized for feeling guilty for his mistakes 10 years ago, but repeatedly affirmed his willingness to unify the pan-optics.

[Se-Hoon Oh/People's Power Candidate Mayor of Seoul: We will certainly achieve unification.

The election on April 7 in a divided state is a self-inviting defeat.]

Former lawmaker Hyung-joon Park has been confirmed as the final candidate for the Busan Mayoral Election.

Candidate Park recorded more than 50% of the votes, defeating candidates Park Sung-hoon and Lee Eon-ju, and was decided as the final candidate.

Candidate Park reaffirmed his willingness to judge the current regime in his acceptance speech.

[Park Hyung-jun/People's Strength Candidate Busan Mayor: This is the most embarrassing election in the history of Korean politics.

(I think this election must be the one that puts a brake on this regime's runaway.)]

Ahn Cheol-soo, president of the National Assembly Party, was previously confirmed as a candidate for the mayor of Seoul for'unification of the third zone', and candidate Oh Se-hoon was confirmed as a candidate for the mayor of the power of the people.

Candidate Oh plans to start negotiations with Representative Ahn as early as today on how and when to unify.