German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced an extension of measures banning retail stores and other businesses, citing the spread of the mutated coronavirus, while gradually easing measures depending on the local infection situation. I showed a plan to do it.

The number of people infected with the new German coronavirus per day has decreased from the peak, and although the number of people is less than 10,000 on many days, the mutant virus has spread to more than 40% of newly infected people, and caution is increasing. I will.

At a press conference on the 3rd, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that measures such as a ban on retail stores, which had been banned until the 7th of this month, will be extended to the 28th of this month in principle.

On the other hand, he said that he would proceed with the easing of measures in stages, and showed a concrete plan for next month.

According to this, in addition to allowing the reopening of flower shops and bookstores nationwide from the 8th of this month, depending on the infection situation in the area, retail stores, museums, outdoor restaurants and small events will be gradually held. I will admit it to.

However, if the infection spreads again and the index of the number of infected people per population exceeds the standard for three consecutive days, the restriction measures will be resumed promptly.

At the press conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "We are at the starting point of a new phase of the pandemic. We must be cautious, but we can proceed with good hope." We asked for an understanding of the policy of promoting mitigation.