With just a few days to go before Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s horrific Oprah interview, television channel CBS has released a new clip of the episode to be shown in its entirety on Sunday, March 7th.

In a recent clip, Oprah Winfrey asks Meghan what she thinks the court thinks about that after all this time, she’s going to talk her mouth clean about her experiences as part of the British royal family.

“I don’t know how they could, after all this time, expect us to be silent if once this“ firm ”has played an active role in perpetuating the lies spread about us, Meghan shakes in response.

- If, as a result, we risk losing something ... then.

I mean, a lot has already been lost, the Duchess continues.

  • You can watch a fresh clip of the upcoming interview in the video window above.

The consequences of the expected Oprah interview are thought to be truly devastating.

The interview is thought to be able to make definitively clear about the already inflamed intervals between Prince Harry and his big brother, Prince William.

Brittihovi has been rumored to be waiting for an interview in horror.

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey will first interview Duchess Meghan in her program, followed by Prince Harry.

CBS has released two videos of its interview on Sunday on its YouTube channel.

Duchess Meghan has been the subject of a hard spin.Photo: SplashNews.com

The Duke of Sussex is believed to be talking in the program about why they left the court.

Harry is also expected to comment on the rift between him and Prince William.

Duchess Meghan has been at the mercy of a hard spin in recent days.

In addition to the upcoming Oprah interview, the allegations made by former Meghan employees against the Duchess have caused a stir.

Hovi announced Wednesday that it will begin an investigation into the allegations against Meghan.