In Myanmar, where protests against a military coup continue, security forces fired many casualties on the 3rd, and the United Nations announced that 38 people were killed in one day.

The UN Security Council has decided to hold a meeting to discuss the response on the 5th, and the focus will be on a unified response to put an end to military violence.

Massive protests continue throughout the country in Myanmar, where the military has couped and detained state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi.

On the other hand, the military side tightened the tightening, and many casualties were caused by the shooting of security forces on the 3rd.

Wagner, who is in charge of Myanmar issues at the United Nations, held an online press conference on the 3rd, saying, "It has been the most bloody day since the military coup d'etat. 38 people have died in just one day. Has more than 50 people, "he said, expressing serious concern.

In response to this situation, the UN Security Council has decided to hold a private meeting on the 5th to discuss the response.

This is the second time the Security Council has met on this issue, following the coup, but last time, the statement did not blame the coup itself, as opposed to China, which has close ties to the Myanmar military.

As security forces point their muzzle at peaceful demonstrations and the number of casualties continues to increase, the focus of this meeting is whether the Security Council can come up with a unified response to stop the violence on the military side.