Reference News Network reported on March 4 According to a report on the British "Times" website on March 3, a staff member claimed that the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) had been bullied by her during her life at Kensington Palace.

Buckingham Palace then proceeded to investigate this claim.

  Buckingham Palace said that both the outgoing and current staff will be interviewed to understand "whether lessons can be learned from it."

  According to the report, one of Meghan's closest advisers during his life at Kensington Palace accused him of bullying, not only using words to humiliate, but also forcing people to leave.

Less than 24 hours after the report was released, Buckingham Palace announced this unprecedented investigation.

  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex subsequently issued a statement, dismissing the report as "a carefully planned discrediting operation."

  Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “We are undoubtedly very concerned about the Times’ report on the statements of the former staff of the Duke of Sussex. Therefore, our human resources team will investigate the situation described in the article. The staff at the time. (Including those who have left) will be interviewed so that we can understand whether we can learn from it."

  The statement said: "The British royal family has been pursuing a'workplace dignity' policy for many years, and will never allow bullying or harassment in the workplace." (Compilation / Hu Lu)