Parliamentary police may be planning an assault on Congress as armed groups continue to be vigilant following the invasion of former President Trump's supporters into Congress in January. In the announcement, US media reported that the House of Representatives would cancel the deliberations.

"There is information suggesting that certain armed groups are planning an assault on Congress on the 4th," the US Capitol Police, which guards the US Congress, said in a statement on the 3rd.

Capitol police have not disclosed details of the plan, but said they are strengthening security, saying that they are "preparing for potential threats to lawmakers and the Capitol."

The background to this information seems to be related to the spread of hoaxes among some supporters that "Mr. Trump will be reappointed president on the 4th."

In response to this situation, US media reported that the House of Representatives would cancel the deliberations scheduled for the 4th.

In the federal parliament, supporters of Mr. Trump, who became a mob in January, rushed in, causing casualties including police officers, and caution continues in the capital Washington.

In Congress, deliberations are still underway to pursue the responsibilities of police and intelligence agencies, and it has been decided to set up an independent investigative committee, and the invasion of the federal parliament, which symbolizes democracy in the United States, has become a society. The impact given to is not settled.