A room for autopsies in a hospital (illustration).


Dalibor Gluck / AP / SIPA

It is a misdiagnosis that could have been irreversible.

An Indian man declared dead by medics after a serious motorcycle accident showed signs of life on an autopsy table just before his post-mortem examination began, a health services official said on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old, from the town of Mahalingapur in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, was taken in critical condition last weekend to a private hospital where doctors declared him dead .

His family then transferred the "body" to a nearby public hospital, where he was due to undergo a post-mortem examination on Monday.

His condition is improving

His relatives told the local press that a pathologist saw the body, on the autopsy table, suddenly move.

A health services official confirmed the incident and said the young man was immediately admitted to another hospital, where his condition was improving.

The official admitted that the doctors of the private establishment had shown "bad judgment".

The family has yet to file a formal medical negligence complaint, the official added.


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