Dresden (dpa / sn) - According to the easing plans agreed by the federal and state governments in the corona crisis, the FDP sees the Saxon government as responsible.

The resolutions of the Prime Minister's Conference were "not a clear timetable for normality with the virus, but a pure opening Fata-Morgana," said the Dresden FDP member of the Bundestag Torsten Herbst on Thursday.

Society will not endure an "endless lockdown" and the economy will not survive.

The cabinet in Dresden wanted to present the cornerstones of the new Corona Protection Ordinance on Thursday.

“Saxony should ask itself whether it will continue to adhere to such requirements from the Prime Minister's Conference and the Federal Chancellery.

The legal responsibility for openings and closings lies solely at the state level, not in the Federal Chancellery, ”said Herbst.

What is now necessary is a realistic Saxon step-by-step plan for the exit from lockdown.

The federal and state governments agreed on a complicated procedure for easing restrictions on Wednesday evening.

This should be done depending on different incidence values.

In principle, the lockdown will be extended until March 28th.

From now on, a step-by-step opening strategy with a built-in emergency brake applies: If individual loosening in a region leads to a sharp increase in the number of infections, all the alleviations that have already come into force are automatically canceled.


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