China Overseas Chinese Network, March 4, according to the US "Overseas News" report, on the evening of February 26 local time, a Chinese American was stabbed on Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, resulting in one death and three injuries.

Zheng Yong, a Chinese man, acted bravely to help the overseas Chinese. He was stabbed four times by the gangster and died of serious injuries.

Zheng Yong's deeds caused great repercussions after being spread in the community. To help his family tide over the difficulties, the community initiated fundraising.

At present, the $20,000 donation has been transferred to friend Zheng Yong.

Lin Yu, who is running for the Sunset Park City Councillor, said that he is contacting a lawyer to apply to the authorities, hoping to name the intersection of the crime after Zheng Yong to commemorate the Chinese who worked hard to save people.

  A few days ago, Chen Yanfang, Lin Zhi and his wife and Lin Yu from Lejia Toys Wholesale Company visited the friends of the deceased Zheng Yong, and delivered the cash and cheques raised by launching WeChat Moments in the past few days to the other party, and then entrusted them to pass them on. In the hands of the families of the victims.

  Chen Yanfang said that she felt very sad when she learned that Zheng Yong had sacrificed to save her compatriots, and hoped that everyone would gather their strengths to help these brave people.

So she appealed to her relatives, friends and business customers to lend a helping hand in the WeChat Moments. As of the evening of March 1, she had received donations from 148 people, ranging from $100, 200 to $1,000, and currently raised a total of $22,360.

  On the same day, she donated 20,000 US dollars to the family of the deceased Zheng Yong, of which 5,000 US dollars were left to Zheng Yong’s old mother in China, according to the instructions of her friends.

In addition, they will continue to raise funds, and the remaining amount will be donated to another victim, Liu Yongfa, a Chinese e-hailing driver who is also brave enough to help him recover quickly.

  Chen Yanfang said that she will continue to do her best to help his family, and believes that in addition to one-time financial assistance, the victim's family also needs more care from the entire community.

  On behalf of the families of the victims, Yang Qi, the friend of Zheng Yong, who received the donations, expressed his gratitude to all walks of life in the community for their donations.

He said that this time the victims basically did not know each other, and most of them were kind people who acted bravely and helped their compatriots.

  Lin Yu, who visited Zheng Yong’s friend that day, also said that the bloody case in Sunset Park is outrageous. He has contacted a lawyer and is preparing to apply to the government authorities to name the seventh and eighth Avenues on 57th Street as "Zheng Yong Road". The name of the victim is always marked on the street nameplate at the intersection to commemorate this hero who has done his best.

He emphasized that order is an important platform for his election as a city councilor. If he is elected, he will be committed to combating violent crimes and maintaining the peace of the community.

(Gao Shiyun)