NHL superstar Aleksandr Ovetshkin mistreated Trent Frederic in an NHL round played last night.

A Russian striker from Washginton Capitals tapped a Boston Brus striker on his knees with his club.

Frederic remained on the ice surface after Ovetshkin's pig trick, with just over five minutes left in the match's actual playing time.

Ovetshkin survived a two-minute penalty for his act.

Cause: wobble.

Frederic also sat on the little racket's transverse racket, which he aimed at Ovetshkin before a Russian star dug a javelin movement in his arsenal.

And that's not all.

The duo got together a couple more minutes before the end of the actual playing time.

Ovetshkin collapsed dangerously near the edge when Frederic harassed him.

The Russian star did not like this and went to his supporter.

Frederic grabbed the superstar dropped his glove and grabbed him even from the chest as if to challenge him to a fight.

For one reason or another, Frederic thought it best not to start a stroke exchange and set out to skate off the spot.

You can see the situation here.

The Capitals defeated the Bruins 2-1 after a winning shot.

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