Rennes city hall, pictured here on March 12, 2020. -

C. Allain / 20 Minutes

These are the agents of the city who discovered pieces of glass broken with a fabric wick smelling of gasoline Tuesday morning in front of the entrance door of the town hall of Rennes.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, a glass bottle containing a flammable product was thrown on the facade of the town hall, we learned from the town, confirming information from the daily



However, the incendiary device did not ignite and no damage was to be deplored.

According to the deputy public prosecutor, "there was no trace or projection mark on the door, nor any stain resembling gasoline, nor any trace of combustion".

The city of Rennes has filed a complaint.

An investigation is underway to try to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators, in particular from images from CCTV cameras.


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