China News Service, March 4 (AFP) According to AFP, on the 3rd local time, a knife wound occurred in Vetterlanda, Sweden, resulting in 8 people being stabbed, 5 of whom were seriously injured.

The local police said that this may be a terrorist attack.

  According to reports, the police stated that the suspect was a man in his 20s who used "sharp weapons" during the attack, resulting in 8 people being injured, 5 of whom were seriously injured, and 3 of them were in danger.

  According to reports, the suspect was shot in the leg when he was arrested by the police and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

  The police initially classified the incident as "attempted murder", but later changed it to "suspected terrorist crime" in a statement, but no further details have been given.

  Swedish Prime Minister Levin issued a statement that night condemning the violence in Vetlanda.

He said that the Swedish government will maintain close contact with the police and the National Security Agency, and based on their assessment to determine whether it needs to take security enhancement measures when necessary.