China News Service, March 4th. According to the American Chinese website, a serious traffic accident occurred on the 2nd in the U.S.-Mexico border area of ​​California, which killed 13 people.

The Border Patrol said on the 3rd that the accident was related to illegal cross-border activities. A total of 44 people entered the United States through a gap in the border fence.

  The head of the El Centro District of the Border Patrol, Bovino, said that surveillance video showed that a Ford SUV and Chevrolet passed through a gap in the border wall in the early morning of the 2nd local time, which is believed to be the result of human smuggling. Part.

  Among them, the Chevrolet car carried 19 people. After entering the United States, the car caught fire. All of them escaped from the car and were detained by border patrol agents.

  The Ford carrying 25 people continued to move forward, but soon collided with a semi-trailer truck, killing 13 people, 10 of whom have been identified as Mexican citizens.

  The Border Patrol said their agents did not chase the car before the crash.

The gap in the fence was about 30 miles east of the accident site.

  The gap in the fence is located at a "hot" spot for illegal border crossings near the sand dunes of Algodonez. Immigrants often climb over the disrepaired fence and wait for drivers to pick them up, hoping to avoid border patrol officers.

The photos provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that a panel composed of eight steel pillars was damaged and fell on the ground in the desert, next to an old tire and other debris.

  Watson, the head of the border department of the California Highway Patrol, said that except for the driver and front passenger seats, the other seats on the Ford have been removed.

  According to the police, the cause of the accident is unclear.

This off-road vehicle is approved to carry 8 passengers, but human smugglers tend to load as many people into the vehicle as possible to maximize profits.