"Everything will be OK" (Everything will be OK) On the

3rd local time, a photo of a 19-year-old woman who died in a shooting by a military police officer in a protest against a coup in Myanmar was shown on social network service It is spreading rapidly to the center.

Reuters tells the story of the woman, known as'Angel' or'Chial God', reporting that the phrase is emerging as a symbol of resistance to military coups and aspirations for democracy in Myanmar.

Angel was shot in the head and died after going out on the street to participate in an anti-coup protest held in Mandalay, Myanmar's second city, on the 3rd.

Miyat Tu, who went to protest with Angel, told Reuters, "When the police started shooting, Angel said,'Sit down because you can get hit by bullets,'" and "I was a friend who cared for and protected other people."

He said the protesters were gathering peacefully at the time.

However, when the police fired after tear gas, the protesters were scattered, and it was said that they later received a message stating that a girl died.

"I didn't know if the girl was an Angel," he said, but said on Facebook that he found out by looking at a picture of Angel lying dead with another victim.

On the black T-shirt worn by the dead Angel, the words'It will all work out' in white letters were written in a large size.

Myat Du also introduced that he first met Angel in Taekwondo class.

Angel, who was also a dancer, posted several videos on her Facebook page showing her dancing.

Facebook also has photos taken after Angel's first vote in her life in November of last year.

In particular, as if he was prepared from protests to death, Angelo left his blood type, emergency contact information, and a message asking'Please donate the body' on Facebook.

There are a lot of articles in memory of her on social media.

(Photo = Twitter @PatriciaSSNaing capture, Yonhap News)