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During the last five days, a mysterious viral video has spread like wildfire among Spaniards' social networks: it has been shared by various celebrities, it has traveled through WhatsApp,

135,000 people have seen it on YouTube and more than 3,400,000 users have reproduced it through Instagram


And it is that 'Hello 2021', as the clip is titled, is based on a highly discussed premise, which draws attention from the first moment.

Above all, after the initial message from the protagonist, who assures that her short is not dedicated to Internet users, but to the political class.

"This video is not for everyone, but for a few, the same ones who have not stopped asking us for things (since March 2020)," he explains.


You asked us to stay home, and we did

. You asked us to put on a mask, with its added value, and we did. You asked us to close our businesses and we did ... [...] And we did because we knew it was the best for us. But at this point, it is the moment in which we have to ask you for something ", he says, and then gives an opinion on the needs of sectors such as culture, hospitality and health. .

However, at 90 seconds, the presenter - until then, very serene - changes the tone and her message becomes clearly political.

"(Politicians) I you ask something very simple. We We ask respect, dignity and honor. Because if something we made clear during this year is that

Spain is far above you. And now you we ask that we vote?

It is clear that Spain needs a captain for a ship that is adrift, but he is not among you. Do not forget one thing: we are 47 million Spaniards. And you are only a few ", he concludes with a stoic voice and music that, without doubt, try to inspire heroism.

However, the woman ends up without showing up, which caused a wide debate on social networks.

"Who is this girl?" They began to wonder on Twitter.

But the answer is no secret.

The video is signed by

"Tati Ballesteros"


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According to her Instagram,

Tatiana Ballesteros is a writer, audiovisual producer and philosopher


Despite this, on her website, the Segovian woman confesses that she never graduated in philosophy from the University of Salamanca.

The reason?

He chose to dedicate himself fully to criminology.

A discipline in which he has already graduated.

Likewise, Ballesteros affirms that he has a master's degree in clinical psychology, psychotherapy and psychopathology, in addition to other degrees.

For example, she presents herself as an expert in graphology and in interventions with women who have been victims of gender violence.

On the other hand, Ballesteros' curriculum is completed with interesting data: he participated in the radio program, dedicated to crimes, 'La noche de autos' and -after getting a large audience- decided to create a book about the aforementioned cases.

A year later, Ballesteros reconnected with the issues of the black chronicle and agreed to participate in a publication called

'Killing a whore is free'

, along with three other writers.

But, in 2019, she decided to fly with her own wings and released what she calls her "first film", a novel dubbed 'The madness of the eternal'.

"The literary experts behind her editorial compare her to

Ernst Hemingway,

" reports tatianaballesteros.com about her streak as a writer.

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Even so, according to numerous tweeters, Ballesteros would be forgetting to point out certain information in his biography.

For example, the fact of

having worked, at the age of 22, at Radio Ya.

A station, founded in 2017, by Rafael López-Diéguez, Blas Piñar's son-in-law

, who is known for constituting the far-right Fuerza Nueva party and being associated with the controversial group Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey.

"It turns out that Tatiana Ballesteros has developed her career as a 'journalist' on Radio Ya, a medium with a clear Falangist orientation, which has among its prominent collaborators Pío Moa, Judge Calamita, Parra Celaya or García de Tuñon Aza", reveals a thread of Twitter that asserts that behind the "emotional" viral of Ballesteros, there is a clear political intention.

What's more, for the past 48 hours, a horde of users have debated the true purpose of the video.

Many think that it is the relief of a professional who is fed up with government mismanagement.

However, many others think that it is disguised advertising of a political party.

Despite this,

Ballesteros insists that she "does not attend to any political ideology"

and that she recorded the clip with the sole purpose of looking towards "a better world."

In fact, this Monday, Ballesteros gave an interview to make it clear that his video is not financed by anyone and that the quality of the image is not synonymous with a large budget behind it.

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"This is something that I write, one day, at home. I call a friend and say 'why don't we make a video of this?'. I didn't do it with any interest ... My only interest is a "Enough!" Let them listen to us, let things improve. And it didn't cost me anything. The videographer's name is Valsan George and he's dedicated to that. He has his cameras, his microphones, he knows how to edit and he's a friend of mine. We did a single take for the video. Because it is a message that comes from the soul. I don't need more, "Ballesteros told a Cuatro program, where he also assured that, even if a political party approaches, she will not deliver her message to anyone.

"These words are not theirs, they are for them," he declared with absolute conviction, two days ago, to

Risto Mejide.

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