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March 03, 2021 Those who have had Covid can only get one dose of vaccine.

Thus a circular from the Ministry of Health signed by the Director of Prevention Gianni Rezza.

The document specifies that a single administration is possible "provided that the vaccination is performed at least 3 months after the documented infection and preferably within 6 months of the same". 

This rule, explains the Ministry, could be revised if variants of the virus characterized by a particular risk of reinfection emerge and spread. 

The Ministry explains that this provision should not be applied to subjects with immunodeficiency conditions, whether primary or secondary to pharmacological treatments ". In these subjects, the document reads," the immunological protection conferred by the SARS-CoV infection is not predictable. 2 and its duration, it is recommended to continue with the proposed vaccination schedule (double dose for the three vaccines available to date) ".