The British government has announced that it will extend the government's takeover of wage payments for employees who have lost their jobs until the end of September as the outbreak of the new coronavirus continues.

In the UK, 80% of wages are paid to employees who have lost their jobs with government support as a measure to maintain employment.

This measure was supposed to be until next month, but the British government decided to extend it until the end of September on the 3rd.

"This fulfilling measure has helped protect the jobs and incomes of millions of people in Britain's pride," said Treasury Minister Snak, who spoke in Congress, emphasizing its importance.

In the UK, it is expected that the economy will return to the pre-infection level in the middle of next year, and on this day, the British government will set the value-added tax rate, which is the Japanese consumption tax when using restaurants and hotels. We have also announced an extension of measures to reduce the normal 20% to 5%.

On the other hand, the British government has also announced a policy to raise the corporate tax in 2023, and has clarified the policy to start raising the tax to rebuild the finances because the financial burden is increasing due to the prolonged measures.