Chinanews, March 3, according to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, recently, the German non-governmental organization rescue ship "Ocean Observation 3" rescued a total of 363 refugees after conducting five rescues in the Mediterranean for three days and five times. It has also applied for port calls to the Italian and Maltese governments. At present, neither the Italian nor the Maltese authorities have responded. The rescue ship can only drift in the Mediterranean.

  According to reports, the German non-governmental organization rescue ship "Ocean Observation 3" began its search and rescue work on February 26.

On the morning of the 26th, the rescue boat received a report from the refugee call center that a rubber boat carrying 45 people was waiting for rescue. The boat included 16 minors, 7 women and a pregnant woman.

Data map: In the offshore waters of Libya, a ship full of refugees is about to capsize, and the refugees on the ship jumped into the sea to escape.

  On February 27, rescuers from the "Sea Observation 3" found a black rubber boat with 102 people on it, including 9 women and 48 minors, and the boat was at risk of sinking.

  According to the report, if the "Sea Observation 3" rescue ship arrives a few minutes late, the rubber boat will be recovered by the Libyan patrol boat.

  On February 28, Maritime Observatory 3 rescued a small boat with 73 people on board again. Many of the refugees were scalded by the boat’s fuel.

Since then, another 143 refugees have been rescued aboard the ship.

  In addition, on the 28th, the rescue ship was still about 36 nautical miles from the island of Lampedusa, Italy, and found a ship carrying 90 refugees, including 14 minors.

Because "Marine Observation 3" has carried 363 migrants and cannot accommodate more people, it requested the Italian authorities to come to rescue and said that if action is not taken in time, a ship capsize may occur.

Subsequently, a patrol boat of the Italian Coast Guard assisted the 90-person refugee boat.

  The rescue ship "Sea Observation 3" said on March 2 that the 363 refugees on board were exhausted and needed to be disembarked as soon as possible.

They have asked the Italian and Maltese authorities to arrange berthing ports, but they have not yet received a reply.

Therefore, the rescue ship can only wait in the waters northeast of Lampedusa.

(Huang Xin)