Ten years before the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Constitutional Democratic Party has positioned Fukushima Prefecture as a pioneer in opening up a new energy society with the aim of realizing a zero nuclear power society as soon as possible. We have put together a proposal that strongly supports such things as.

According to the proposal, although the restoration of public infrastructure has progressed in the disaster areas of Tohoku, some people still suffer from the psychological stress caused by the disaster, so we will support organizations that are responsible for watching over to prevent isolation. I'm asking you to continue.

In addition to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the damage caused by the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture last month is affecting the recovery and reconstruction of the affected areas, and additional support is needed.

Fukushima Prefecture, which continues to be affected by the nuclear accident, has been positioned as a pioneer in opening up a new energy society toward the realization of a zero nuclear power society as soon as possible, in addition to the reconstruction and regeneration of difficult-to-return areas. The company plans to strongly support technological development and the development of power grids, including financial measures.

The Constitutional Democratic Party will submit the recommendations to the government as soon as they are finalized.