Wiretapping affair: On TF1 news, Nicolas Sarkozy refuses to talk about "political justice" but denounces a "deep injustice" -

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Nicolas Sarkozy refused on Wednesday to speak of "political justice", as some of his supporters did after his conviction to prison, a sentence he again qualified as "deep injustice".

"I have never spoken of political justice and I will never speak of it," said the former head of state, invited to the 8 pm newscast on TF1.

"I know the difference between the behavior of some and an institution", he added, hammering: "I will not fall into the trap of a political fight against an institution that I respect".

While several of his supporters on the right questioned the role of the National Financial Prosecutor's Office in this trial, he assured that he was not asking "for the dissolution of any institution".

"I have been used to being harassed for ten years"

"I only ask for one thing, the truth and respect for the rule of law," he added.

In this case, "who can say that I received the slightest advantage?"

Nicolas Sarkozy had already, in

the Figaro

Tuesday, denounced "a deep injustice", indicating that he did not rule out going to the European Court of Human Rights if he did not obtain satisfaction on appeal.

"I will fight to the end so that the truth triumphs", he assured, repeating: "I will not lower my head because I am reproached for facts that I did not commit".

But "I have been used to being harassed for ten years," he said.

What is happening today is a deep injustice and the truth will explode ”.

The former head of state was sentenced Monday by the 32nd correctional chamber of the Paris court to three years' imprisonment, including one firm, for corruption and influence peddling in the so-called "eavesdropping" case, a historic decision he appealed.

Asked about his possible political ambitions, Nicolas Sarkozy assured that he had "taken well before the decision of the court, the decision not (to) appear" in the presidential election of 2022. "I do not have the will to return in politics, I turned the page on politics, ”he repeated, while some on the right saw him as a possible recourse for 2022.


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