• Sanremo 2021. Today Pausini and Elodie.

    Irama remains in the race, ok on video of the tests

  • Sanremo2021.

    The Amadeus Festival "for the country that struggles"

  • Sanremo 2021, the report cards of the first evening

  • Sanremo2021, the singers and guests of the early evening


03 March 2021 Fiorello again, still inspired by Achille Lauro.

Costume made of black feathers, Fiore guides the camera inside the Ariston to the Festival stage.

"I don't know what happens to me, as soon as I see the feathers ... I'm wearing Achille Lauro's backpack when he went to kindergarten" he tells Amadeus.

Smiling balloons (instead of the audience) occupy the first rows of the audience. 

"After yesterday's greeting Draghi sent us a message, my favorite group was the Bundesbank" continues Fiorello.

The message "came with a carrier pigeon. He saw the feathers and fell in love." 

The second evening of the 71st edition of the Italian Song Festival begins.

It starts, like yesterday, with the New proposals.

Four of them perform.

The first is


singing "Lessons in Flight"