Large amounts of cash, cars, watches, jewelery, art and designer furniture were seized by the police in connection with the arrest of a man from Helsingborg who is suspected of extensive drug smuggling.

Several of the expensive furniture is suspected to have been stolen in connection with a burglary in the Stockholm area, including an agency worth SEK 400,000, the police write on their website.

Two years of reconnaissance

The police's national operational department, Noa, together with Spanish police have been spying for two years on a criminal network that is suspected of having smuggled large amounts of drugs from Spain to Sweden.

In December 2020, Swedish and Spanish police carried out an operation against the man from Helsingborg, who is suspected of being the leader of the largest criminal organization in southern Spain, as well as other people with roles in the network.

Has been extradited to Spain

The principal was arrested by Swedish police in his home outside Helsingborg and in Spain five people were arrested at the same time, of which several Swedes living in the Stockholm area.

- In this effort, we have made large seizures and we are increasingly working within the police to access criminals' criminal profits, says Christer Nilsson, head of the investigation unit, Noa, in a comment.

The principal is now suspected of serious drug smuggling and serious money laundering, and has been extradited to Spain.