The situation in Myanmar is getting more and more serious, where protests by citizens demanding the resignation of the military are continuing.

There are testimony that even machine guns appeared in the process of suppressing the protesters.

At least 38 people have been confirmed to have died in a single day due to the brutal suppression of the military and police.

Reporter Jung Hye-kyung's report.


A man in a white jacket is roughly pulled out by soldiers, and then falls to the floor with a gunshot.

The soldier who was next to this man, who was drooping without motion, was beaten with his feet, and soon dragged to the floor like a pack.

This is a video showing the horrors that are currently happening in Myanmar.

As a result of the continuous suppression of the military and police massacre, at least 38 people were killed today (4th).


victims are larger

than last Sunday, when indiscriminate fire at protesters killed 18 people a day across Myanmar


Myanmarians are accusing the Myanmar military of cruel repression through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Testimony continues that paramedics have been brutally beaten by the military and police, and even mobilize machine guns toward non-weapons citizens.

Military and police officers were filmed in various places in the streets where citizens were killed or seriously injured.

Former President Yun Min, who was expelled from his presidency in a coup, is said to be in danger of being prosecuted by the military for two charges, including violations of the constitution.

[Kin Maung Zau/Attorney: We got information that former President Yun Min will soon be prosecuted on two charges.]

Six reporters, both domestic and foreign reporters, who were reporting the Myanmar protests were also arrested for violating the Public Order Law.