Develop high-quality military games with the characteristics of our army

  ——Interview with Li Xiang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and professor of the Military and Cultural College of National Defense University

  "Do you play military online games in your spare time?" During the interview, Li Xiang, a professor at the Military Culture College of the National Defense University, who was nearly 60 years old, asked reporters a question.

Then, he talked about his research topics last year: conform to the development trend of the information age, innovate and develop advanced military culture, develop military online games with independent intellectual property rights and our army's characteristics, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of officers and soldiers.

  Talking about the origin of this subject, Li Xiang talked about what he had seen and heard when he was waiting for the train at Beijing South Railway Station last year.

  In the military waiting room, several cadets waiting next to him were all looking down and playing with their mobile phones.

After inquiring, Li Xiang learned that they were playing a military online game. The exquisite graphics of the game amazed him, who has been engaged in painting teaching for a long time.

After learning that this online game was developed by a foreign game company, he sighed lightly.

  "Military online games have become a real need for the culture and entertainment of young officers and soldiers." How to make military online games focus on me, use them for me, and be helpful is a question that Li Xiang has been thinking about over the past year.

During his investigation, he found that the current composition of the troops has undergone great changes. The "net generation" officers and soldiers of the "post-90s" and "post-00s" were "not leaving their hands and nets" before entering the army. They came to the army. Still keen on the culture and entertainment of online games.

Nowadays, military online games, which are entertaining and competitive, are replacing traditional military recreational activities such as chess and cards, and are increasingly sought after by young officers and soldiers.

  In Li Xiang's view, military online games are a military cultural carrier with multiple functions such as ideological dissemination, image shaping, entertainment and leisure, and military training.

He introduced to reporters that in recent years, Western countries have peddled Western values ​​under the banner of "democracy and freedom" in military online games and pushed them to other countries in the world. As many as hundreds of them have been disseminated in our country, and they are increasing year by year .

  "Most military online games are developed by foreign countries. The game content, values, military ideas, etc. are quite different from our army. If things go on like this, it may mislead the officers and soldiers." Li Xiang said that if allowed to grow barbarously, it will cause serious problems. Ideological risks and cultural hazards.

  "Military online games have become a battleground that must be seized in the online ideological struggle. We must be willing to invest and make high-quality goods." Li Xiang suggested that in the context of the accelerated development of the domestic game industry, strengthen funding and policy support, and clarify the market-oriented product orientation. , To attract the participation of domestic head game companies and launch high-quality military games with the characteristics of our military.

In the game development process, we should focus on exploring the rich historical and cultural resources of our army, rationally embedding our army's red genes, focusing on the situation and tasks of preparing for war, highlighting the realistic theme of strengthening the army, showing a good image of our army, and promoting national defense education.

  "Under the impact of the informatization tide, it has become an indisputable fact that online games intervene and promote the transformation of military training models." Li Xiang said that foreign military has already widely introduced online games to assist military training, and even "tailor-made" games for troops. product.

After going to the Army Armored Forces Academy, a certain unit of the Air Force and other units, Li Xiang saw that some troops are gradually exploring the use of military online games as an auxiliary method of tactical training, and the development and application of military online games has gradually become active.

  "It is necessary to advance the autonomous and regularization of military online game development in a step-by-step and planned manner, and it is also necessary to intensify the exploration of how to use military online games to assist military training in a scientific and rational manner, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages." Li Xiang is approaching the two sessions Actively revise and improve relevant research results, and prepare to bring proposals to the conference.