In the headlines: in Bolivia, six students die after the collapse of a railing

Students in shock after the collapse of a guardrail where 150 students stood and which left six dead, in El Alto, March 2, 2021. REUTERS - DAVID MERCADO

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In Bolivia, a drama made the front page of the press.

Tragedy at UPEA

 ", title for example

Pagina Siete


UPEA is the public University of El Alto, located on the heights of the capital, La Paz.

Six students died Tuesday after falling from four floors when a railing gave way under the weight of 150 students trying to enter a room.

The investigation began to find out the degrees of responsibility of "

 those who gave the order to open the doors of the University, while gatherings of people were prohibited due to the pandemic, 

" notes

La Razon


Investigators also want to establish the responsibility of those who organized the event.

The students had been summoned to an extraordinary assembly described as “ 



For now, " 

three security guards have been arrested,


Los Tiempos

tells us

and the rector will also be called to testify.


Three of the eight signatories of the summons were also arrested,


Pagina Siete

added on

Wednesday morning.

United States: Neera Tanden throws in the towel

In the United States, Joe Biden suffered a first setback in the process of confirmation of his administration by the Senate.

It was expected: his candidate for the budget director of the White House withdraws his candidacy.

Neera Tanden would have been the first woman of Indian origin in this post, recalls the

Washington Post


But she faced opposition from elected officials from both parties.

In question, old publications on social networks attacking Republican elected officials in Congress.

The presidents, during their first mandate are generally faced with a defeat at least on a post of their Cabinet (...), and Biden was no exception

 ", summarizes the newspaper.

The withdrawal of Neera Tanden in any case announces other battles to come in the Senate and demonstrates the need for Joe Biden to put himself in the pocket the left wing of the Democratic Party like the moderate Republicans in the Senate. 

No more masks in Texas?

Another subject in the American press: masks will no longer be mandatory in Texas from Wednesday March 10.

The governor of this southern state lifts restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

And he is not the only one, explains the

New York Times

 : several states are currently considering easing in the face of the drop in Covid-19 cases.

In Chicago, tens of thousands of children returned to school this week, while the city's snow-covered parks and playgrounds, which had been closed since last March, have reopened


Mississippi also ended its obligation to wear the mask on Wednesday, explains

The Hill


In Massachusetts, restaurants can now operate at full capacity and there is no longer a restriction on gatherings in South Carolina.

The Biden administration had urged states not to lift the restrictions too early,

 " the online outlet recalls.

But she has so far avoided publicly appointing governors who do not follow this request from the federal state.


Texas Tribune

recalls that local health authorities still recommend wearing a mask.

The Boy Scouts want to sell part of their heritage

We stay in the United States, with this sale soon organized by the Boy Scouts to pay the claims for damages from victims of sexual abuse.

Faced with tens of thousands of complaints

 " - 82,000 specifies the

New York Times

- " 

the debt-ridden organization is ready to do the unthinkable

 ": sell its collection of portraits by artist Norman Rockwell, u famous american illustrator.


Dozens of portraits of young people who evoke virtue, bravery and America

 ” had been commissioned from him for six decades.


In a reorganization plan filed in Delaware Federal Bankruptcy Court this week, the Boy Scouts listed nearly 60 Rockwell works whose sale would raise nearly $ 300 million to fund a fund for victims of abuse sexual


These works could therefore disappear from the Medici Museum of Art, in Ohio, where they had been exhibited since early 2020, as

The Vindicator



RBG at the Capitol?

Finally, there may soon be a monument in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Capitol in Washington.

This is in any case the bill tabled by elected Democrats, in the House and the Senate, informs us

The Hill


The former Supreme Court justice, known by the acronym RBG, died last September.

She had become a liberal icon during her 27 years in America's highest court.


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