The premises of the Lyon police station.


C. Villemain / 20 Minutes

The police arrested him Monday in Lyon.

A 16-year-old homeless man, suspected of sexual assault, was arrested at 5 p.m. at the corner of Pont Wilson and Quai Augagneur.

A few minutes earlier, he had followed a young woman, whom he did not know, to get into his car suddenly, said the Sûreté du Rhône on Wednesday.

The teenager reportedly tried to kiss her and touch her chest.

Mock madness crisis

He is suspected of having sexually assaulted another young woman a week earlier.

There again, he would have followed his victim before touching his chest and "the buttocks over his clothes", indicates the Lyon police.

Placed in custody, the boy simulated a fit of madness.

However, this did not fool the police or the psychiatric experts who examined him.

It was therefore to be presented this Wednesday to the juvenile prosecutor's office for indictment.


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