The accident happened on route de Furnes, in Coudekerque Branche.


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On Tuesday, a man riding a motorcycle was the victim of a serious road accident in Coudekerque Branche, near Dunkirk, in the North.

Urgently hospitalized, the motorcyclist's life is not in danger.

The accident happened around 5 p.m., route de Furnes.

A 19-year-old driver behind the wheel of a C2 traveling towards Dunkirk turned left to enter the parking lot of a bakery.

The motorist did not see the motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction and cut him off.

A foot torn off in the accident

Riding his Yamaha, the 54-year-old could do nothing to avoid the shock.

He violently collided with the rear right side of the small city car and found himself thrown to the ground.

The rider was seriously injured.

According to the police, he notably had a foot torn off in the accident.

The fifty-year-old was taken care of by the Samu and transported in serious condition to the Dunkirk hospital center.

His days are not in danger, however.

The driver is unharmed.

A police investigation was opened to try to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.


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