• Russia-Austria, consultations for the supply and production of the Sputnik V vaccine

  • Covid, Austria, quarantine for those arriving from abroad

  • Covid, the obligation to register electronically for travel to Austria is triggered


March 02, 2021 Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, before his trip to Israel, announces a hijack change regarding anti-Covid vaccines.

Austria, Denmark and other 'first movers' "will no longer rely on the EU in the future and, together with Israel, will produce second generation vaccine doses for further coronavirus mutations and work together to find treatment options in the coming years. "Kurz said in a statement released by the APA.

According to the chancellor, expected Thursday in Israel, "Austria alone is estimated to need around 30 million doses of the vaccine.

Ahead of his trip to Israel, Kurz will meet with representatives of major Austrian pharmaceutical companies today.

In the statement, the chancellor states that the approach through the EU "has been fundamentally correct, but the EMA (European Medicines Agency, ed.) Is too slow with vaccine approvals and there are delays in deliveries by pharmaceutical companies ".

"We must therefore - continues Kurz - prepare for further mutations and no longer rely solely on the EU to produce second generation vaccines".

According to experts, in the next few years, two thirds of the population, or more than six million Austrians, will have to be vaccinated every year, says the chancellor.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday, according to Reuters, that with Kurz and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen he will talk about "a collaboration on the production of vaccines".