In the Oberstdorf World Championships, the women's 10 km freestyle competition will be skied on Tuesday.

Less surprisingly, the gaze turns again to Norwegian superstar Therese Johaug when looking for pre-favorites for the race.

Johaug has already won one gold medal at the World Cup.

He celebrated winning Saturday’s combined race.

- Now I have a great desire to go hard 10 miles off.

It’s a trip that usually suits me, Johaug, 32, commented at a Norwegian press conference on Monday, according to Expressen.

Another experienced Norwegian star, Heidi Weng, 29, who won a total of seven World Cup medals during her career, is also looking for success in the shadow of Johaug.

Weng has been at the top of women’s skiing for a long time, but lately he’s had a hard time.

For example, in November at the Ruka World Cup, his momentum was completely lost.

He skied to 67th place in the sprint at the time of the opening trip, and no longer appeared on the starting line thereafter.

A press release from the Norwegian Ski Association said Weng had lost the joy of playing sports and needed rest.

He later said he sought professional help from a sports psychologist after the collapse of Ruka.

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During the World Cup, Weng's fitness curve already looked better.

He finished second in the Norwegian Championship combined and was third in the Lahti World Cup on the same trip.

In the Oberstdorf combined race, he finished well in nineth place, about a minute and 25 seconds behind the winner Johaug.

Since skiing power in Norway in ninth place is not a strange accomplishment, Weng had to answer questions about his condition again at Monday’s press conference.

- I have gone up and down in value competitions before.

Now is a new day and new opportunities.

I am ready to leave the race of 10 kilometers, Weng said.

According to Expressen, after this reply, Weng was again asked about his condition.

This did not please the skier.

- I am glad that I am here.

I like sometimes nice questions and I don’t always just answer the same question.

I came here and I have felt the benefit of my condition.

Hope this trip goes well.

I'm just trying to do my best, Weng replied.

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The women's 10 km freestyle competition starts on Tuesday at 14.15 Finnish time.

Finland will be represented on the trip by Anne Kyllönen, Laura Mononen, Krista Pärmäkoski and Riitta-Liisa Roponen.