It is noted that the head of the ministry Dmitry Patrushev held a meeting with the largest enterprises of the poultry industry. 

"The observed increase in prices for poultry products is due to three main factors: an increase in the cost of feed, a decrease in production volumes due to the spread of avian influenza, as well as a reduction in the supply of imported hatching eggs due to the complication of the epizootic situation in the EU," the message says.

The ministry recalled that the Russian government has already taken a number of measures to stabilize prices, including for feed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture said that there are no preconditions for a noticeable rise in prices for poultry and eggs in Russia in 2021, it will be within the framework of food inflation.

At the same time, the Association of Retail Trade Companies told Izvestia that retailers are ready to raise prices for eggs and poultry meat.