A seventeen-year-old boy from Eindhoven was sentenced to seventy hours of community service for looting a Jumbo branch during the riots in January.

He has also been sentenced to a month of conditional juvenile detention and has to pay compensation of almost 10,000 euros.

The seventeen-year-old boy looted a shop at Eindhoven Central station on January 24 during a demonstration against the lockdown that got out of hand.

Some of the rioters physically and verbally targeted the police present.

For example, stones and bicycles were thrown at the officers.

Windows of shops and the station were also smashed and shops were looted.

The suspect has to pay the shop damages of 9,950 euros.

The court allows him to share that amount with other perpetrators.

Earlier this month, several suspects were convicted of involvement in the riots in Eindhoven.


Destruction and fires: this is how Eindhoven looks after the riots