In Norway, the country's government is violating the vaccination schedule, says Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Minister for Health and Care Services Bent Høie says he is following the recommendations of the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health (FHI) to give vaccine doses to areas with a more acute coronary situation.

Vaccine doses are now being received in certain parts of Oslo, as well as in some municipalities in eastern Norway where coronary infection rates are high.

These include Fredrikstad and Lørenskog.

The FHI today issued a recommendation that a total of 3% of vaccine doses from some 330 municipalities be removed and given to the areas mentioned above.

- The government believes that the distribution of vaccines is a very professional matter and we rely on the recommendations of the FHI.

That is why we are asking them (FHI) to start changing the vaccine arrangement now, Høie tells NRK.

The change in vaccine redistribution will not take effect until mid-March.

The FHI is also examining whether it has a legal basis for redistribution.

FHI believes that the new vaccine arrangement will reduce corona deaths at the national level.

The FHI believes that as Oslo receives more vaccines, there will also be fewer deaths nationally.

As a result, the number of people requiring hospital treatment may also be reduced by 15-30% throughout the country.

In total, just over 72,000 infections have been diagnosed in Norway so far.

There are 623 coronary deaths in the country.