Lee Nak-yeon, head of the Democratic Party, announced that he would complete the Gaduk New Airport within eight years.

Representative Lee attended the Democratic Party's Busan Mayor's Contest held today (2nd) at a cafe in Gadeokdo, Busan, and said, "We will work to make the 2030 Expo a success."

He added, "Regardless of which of the three people Byeon Seong-wan, Kim Young-chun, and Park In-young choose, the Democratic Party will work with the mayor to change the history of Busan."

At the same time, he appealed, "Please include a lot of party comrades and Busan citizens in the contest that will continue for the next few days, and support the person who will most successfully lead the most competent change."

Representative Lee visited Busan for the fifth time this year and the first visit since the Gadeok New Airport Special Act was passed on the 26th of last month.

(Photo = Yonhap News)