On Tuesday, the Swedish Public Health Agency presented a proposal for a maximum ceiling of 500 people for all shopping centers.

The limit is intended to apply from 6 March.

- In the past, it has been possible to count on square meters of space, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

- This means that it has been possible to take in many people and that there is still a risk of congestion at exits and entrances and in parts of the premises, he says.

"Think it's all right"

The rule of at least ten square meters per person already applies.

The Emporia shopping center in Malmö is one of the places that had been affected by the maximum ceiling.

According to the current rules, Emporia may receive a maximum of 5,000 visitors at a time.

Employees and consumers that SVT Nyheter Skåne spoke to welcome a new frontier.

- I think it's perfectly okay, says Malmö resident Charlotte Björnbak.

Act alone

Kenny Blomstrand works as a courier and believes that his work could be made more difficult if he is not admitted to stores where the maximum number has already been met.

But he still thinks it is a good idea to have a maximum ceiling of 500 visitors, provided that the trading venues can check compliance.

- It is rare that people stand outside and watch how many people really go in and out, he says.

Samhall employees Farouk Babakan has worked at Emporia since 2014, and believes that a maximum limit would have benefited both employees and visitors.

- I will feel safer in that case, he says.

The Swedish Public Health Agency also proposes that shopping centers ensure that measures are taken so that visitors shop alone and not in groups.

The proposals have been sent for consultation to a number of authorities and industry organizations.