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The downward trend in positives from Covid-19 has led the Community of Madrid to consider

an Easter holiday without a perimeter closure

and, therefore, with freedom of movement, although in all probability the capacity and capacity limitations would continue. meeting both in hospitality and in private homes.

However, as EL MUNDO has learned, the decision is pending what other regions decide:

if they do not open, "it would be problematic"

, according to the regional government, which fears four holidays with good weather and the Madrilenians with a logical desire to take to the streets.

After observing what happened in recent weekends, with terraces and streets at the top, due to the improvement in temperatures, the authorities want the opening of the region to

coincide with the relaxation of the rest of the communities

, so that they can produce trips.

Both Valencia and Andalusia are working on similar plans, to try to save Holy Week with national tourism, partly ruined by the foreseeable absence of foreign visitors.

After touching an accumulated incidence of 1,000 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants at the end of January,

the contagion curve continues to decline

and this Friday was already at 305. "All indicators show that the third wave is remitting," said the Deputy Minister of Health Public and Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero.

For this reason, although always appealing to caution, the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso is considering allowing travel between regions

from Friday, March 26, to Sunday, April 4


During Christmas trips to other provinces were already authorized, although in this case only to visit relatives or friends.

Madrid remained

closed for the last four bridges of 2020


In the first of them, that of October 12, the Government of Pedro Sánchez decreed a state of alarm exclusively in nine municipalities of the region, including the capital, to prevent movements despite the fact that the number of infections at that time barely exceeded 500 positive per 100,000 inhabitants.

In November neither the exits nor the entrances were allowed in the

feast of All Saints and the Virgin of La Almudena

, although in this case Ayuso managed to apply his criterion of reducing the duration of the closure to the specific days of the extended weekend.

Finally, the accesses between the Constitution Bridge and on December 14 in this case were also closed as a "precaution" given the dates in which, in normal years,

the number of tourists arriving in the region triples


Despite the precautions adopted in terms of mobility, the downward trend in Covid-19 cases after the peak that had been reached at the end of September was reversed at that time and the pace of the new rise increased from significantly after the Christmas holidays, when there was already talk openly that the third wave had arrived.

In addition to the increase in relaxed close contacts during the holidays, Ayuso's team blamed the expansion of the most contagious British strain for the increase in positives, many of them from entire families.

Restrictions update

The Ministry of Health updates the restrictions weekly to contain the spread of the virus.

At the moment, both the

start of the curfew and the closing of bars and restaurants

at 11 at night

have been extended until 00.00 on March 15

, along with the prohibition of meetings and visits to private homes.

In the hotel business, the maximum number of diners continues to be four inside the establishments, where the bar cannot be used, and six on the terraces.

Also, as of this Monday, the municipalities of Torrejón de Ardoz, Collado Villalba, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Hoyo de Manzanares and Villanueva del Pardillo, in addition to the Basic Health Zones of Andrés Mellado (Chamberí), General Oráa (Salamanca) remain confined to the perimeter. ) and Vinateros-Torito (Moratalaz), in the capital.

In total there are

390,000 inhabitants, 5.9% of the population

of the region, and concentrate 8% of infections.

"We have little left, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because we are vaccinating, although not at the rate we would like, because we lack vaccines, but if we make an effort and manage to save Easter, we can

all try to avoid a fourth wave"

, Zapatero warned last Friday when asked about the restrictions for the next holidays.

In his opinion, it should be the Interterritorial Council, under the coordination of the Ministry of Health, which will agree on common measures for all regions.

However, he was pessimistic about it since, as he indicated, to date practically

no unanimous agreements have been adopted

within that body.

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