Years roll by, but one thing doesn’t change.

The Buffalo Sabers can be found in the basement of the NHL.

Again this season, Buffalo has quickly found his place as steward of the Eastern Division.

In two games last weekend, it failed to score a goal.

It looks strongly like Buffalo will be left in the tube for the 10th time out of the playoffs.

That would ignore the sad NHL record.

The long-running talk of Sabers ’rotting social culture is once again gaining momentum.

As Buffalo continues his plowing, the transfer rumors around the team’s superior leader, Captain Jack Eichel, have intensified.

Already after last season, the 24-year-old U.S. superstar sighed that he was completely exhausted and frustrated with the constant disappearance.

He recounted how gone five seasons in Buffalo have been a tough time.

Among other things, insider reporter Darren Dreger recently told TSN that Eichel is believed to have had a serious conversation with Buffalo’s management team last summer and wanted change.

According to Dreger, Eichel would have even wanted to leave the team.

Buffalo steeled in the transfer market and, alongside Eichel, acquired, among other things, the big free market winner, Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall.

However, the end result has not been desirable.

Hall's power taps froze as he pulled on the buffalo shirt.

He is currently scoring 18 matches in a goal-free tube.

Eichel's reluctant body language has received attention this season.Photo: Alan Schwartz / ZUMA / Mvphotos

Eichel’s transfer rumors have now become the NHL’s hottest topic of conversation.

Many have noticed his reluctant body language in the trough in the early part of the season.

The score for Eichel's 17 games is 2 + 12.

Buffalo’s mess is already starting to be such that selling a number one star and thereby totally blowing up the team is believed to be possible.

Eichel has been raised to the top of the lists of traditional hot transfer names in the North American media.

The New York Rangers in particular are believed to be interested in Eichel.

Eichel is currently playing for only the third year of his eight-year $ 80 million deal.

He is one of the best players in the NHL, so if realized, Eichel’s deal would be mega-class.

Quality goods would certainly travel in the other direction as well.

Rangers has, for example, numerous top promises in its ranks for first and second bookings since Alexis Lafréniere and Kaapo Kako, so it would have interesting things to offer Buffalo as well.

- I think, after all, Jack Eichel ends up in Rangers.

I just don’t know when this will happen, an NHL executive said anonymously to The Athletic.

The Athletic also highlighted the Los Angeles Kings as Buffalo’s potential trading partner, with perhaps the widest cavalcade of young centrifuge promises in the entire series.

Eichel is one of the most skilled players in the NHL. Photo: Alan Schwartz / ZUMA / MVphotos

Recent history provides an encouraging example for other teams of deals with Buffalo.

In the summer of 2018, Buffalo traded to Ryan O’Reilly, St. Louis, who was tired of losing and losing his gaming pleasure.

The very next season, O’Reilly led the Blues to the Stanley Cup as the No. 1 center and was the most valuable player in the playoffs.

Eichel’s potential reluctance to move is by no means the only headache for the Buffalo office.

Jeff Skinner, who made a 72 million contract in the second summer, for example, has sometimes not fit into the lineup at all, and his contract is rightly considered the most awful in the NHL.

Buffalo’s four most expensive strikers, Eichel, Hall, Skinner and Kyle Okposo, earn $ 33 million a season for the four peckers, or 40 per cent of the team’s salary cap.

For that money, he has scored a meager three goals in the first 19 matches of this season.

Of the Finns, Rasmus Ristolainen and Henri Jokiharju play in Buffalo.

Ristolainen, who has already wore more than 500 matches in Sabres' shirt, has over the years indicated that he wanted to leave the team.

However, Turku's torment will probably end soon, as his contract will finally end after next season.

At that time, Ristolainen will become an unlimited free agent.

It is very possible that Buffalo will trade the Finn elsewhere even before the contract expires.