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The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has agreed to extend the curfew in the region

from 10:00 p.m. which is currently set until midnight

, although the hotel and leisure establishments must close at 23:00.

This is one of the measures that have been approved this Tuesday in the Governing Council, as reported at a press conference by the Minister of Health of the Community Board,

Jesús Fernández Sanz

, who has specified that the perimeter closure of the community is maintains, especially taking into account that the Community of Madrid has a cumulative incidence at 14 days above 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Fernández Sanz explained that, in general, the autonomous community remains at "level 2" measures

except the towns of Burguillos (Toledo) and Pioz, Sigüenza and El Casar

, in the province of Guadalajara, which remain above extreme risk and they apply more restrictive measures, among others the perimeter closure of the municipalities.

The extension of the curfew and the rest of the approved measures will be in force from this Wednesday, March 3.

The opening of the day centers has also been agreed

with the "rehabilitation effort"

that these places represent, although the counselor has asked for caution and that people with symptoms of covid-19 or who have to be quarantined for having been close contact do not attend of a positive.

Another of the restrictions relaxation measures has to do with nursing homes, where

family visits are already allowed

in covid-19-free centers, specifically one hour each visit and twice a week.

Visits without antigen testing

From now on, Fernández Sanz has specified, the need to do an antigen test when making the visit is eliminated, although the counselor has requested responsibility, that

hygienic measures

are respected

and that those who have symptoms

or should

refrain from going

save quarantine.

Likewise, the conditions to leave the residences are made more flexible because if currently the resident had to stay out for a minimum of 72 hours before returning,

now they can return after 48 hours


As for sports schools, a maximum of

15 people including the monitor is established

- currently the limit was six people - and the capacity of the markets is increased, which goes from a third to 50 percent, as long as it is maintained a distance of four meters between the posts.

On the other hand, guided tours expand their capacity from six to ten people.

In addition, bullfighting shows may be held with a capacity of

up to 50 percent in open spaces

with a maximum of up to 500 attendees and there must be a pre-assigned seat, always respecting interpersonal distance.

Sports competitions at the federative level may be held with a maximum capacity of

30 percent for closed spaces up to a maximum of 300 attendees

, and a 50% maximum capacity in open spaces up to a maximum of 500 attendees, in all cases with seats. pre-assigned.

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