Versmold (dpa / lnw) - There is a suspicion of an outbreak of avian influenza in the Gütersloh district.

A duck fattening operation in Versmold is affected.

The district veterinary office immediately initiated the killing of around 20,000 animals and other protective measures, the district of Gütersloh announced on Tuesday.

A practical veterinarian supervising the company reported the suspicion of avian influenza.

Official veterinarians then clinically examined the population and took samples, the message continues.

The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office Ostwestfalen-Lippe confirmed the suspicion on Monday.

The NRW Ministry of Agriculture was then informed immediately.

If the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, the Friedrich Löffler Institute, confirms the suspicion, the veterinary office will set up a restricted area three kilometers in diameter and an observation area (at least ten kilometers in diameter) around the affected farm by means of an animal disease decree.

In these areas, restrictions apply to keepers and marketers of poultry.

If so, poultry, for example, would not be allowed to be transported within the area.


The infectious disease, also known as avian flu, occurs primarily in waterfowl and other birds.

The highest incidence and death rates are observed in chickens and turkeys - in some cases up to 100 percent.

With intensive contact, people can also become infected.

However, transmission via infected food is considered unlikely.

Avian influenza is a notifiable animal disease and is therefore controlled by the state.

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