- The vaccinations will reduce the risk of serious illness and death but will not have a particularly large effect on the spread of infection over the next three months, said state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at today's press conference.

- If the British virus variant takes over, we risk getting a third wave that will be quite extensive.

It seems almost impossible that we will not have a scenario with increased infection in the spring.

Can get worse than before Christmas

The Swedish Public Health Agency's latest report on the possible development of the spread of infection was presented today and contains estimates for the next three months.

Among other things, the authority assesses that it is likely that the so-called contact intensity, ie how many people we meet per day, will increase to higher levels than at the end of December.

The fact that the mutated viruses are at the same time 50 percent more contagious will lead to increased spread of infection.

- If we get an increased contact intensity than we have now, the next wave will be almost twice as large as the wave we had before Christmas, says Anders Tegnell about that scenario.

When asked by Göteborgs-Posten about the third wave, the last answer is Anders Tegnell:

- No, I'm not entirely sure.

I think we may be in a critical situation next autumn as well, especially if we have not managed to reach enough people with vaccinations.

I think that Sweden has good chances of succeeding, but in countries that do not succeed as well, I think the risk is quite great.

"Have three good vaccines in place"

Tegnell took the opportunity to emphasize that it is important that everyone who is offered a vaccine takes it.

- We have three good vaccines in place.

There is no reason to believe that you get a better vaccine if you wait, he says.