A Korean man in his twenties studying abroad in England was convicted of illegally filming women in college.

According to foreign media such as Metro in the UK on the 1st local time, 21-year-old Kim, who is attending Manchester University, was caught installing a mobile phone for illegal filming in a communal shower room on campus in November 2019, and was handed over to trial.

Kim is known to voyeur women by hiding cell phones behind toilet paper and trash bags in the shower room.

Kim's crime continued until a student in the shower found a cell phone with a camera turned on and reported it to the police.

As a result of the cell phone forensics, it was revealed that Mr. Kim had 24 videos of secretly filming women's clothes in the shower room as well as all over the campus.

Only four victims have been identified so far.

One victim

, who said he had known Kim, said,

"I always felt cold while watching Mr. Kim. I didn't know that he was invading my privacy so far

." Appealed.

Other victims also raised their voices of anger, saying, "I am unbelievable and so angry" and "I feel that my rights have been seriously violated."

Kim, who was arrested by the police in January 2020, was sentenced to 36 hours of community service, completion of a sexual crime re-offense prevention program, and five years of public identification of a sex offender in a recent local trial. The local media revealed Kim's face and real name along with the results of the trial.

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