China News Service, March 2 (Central News Agency) reported that Buckingham Palace said that the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, was transferred to another hospital in London after 13 nights of hospitalization for continued treatment.

Data map: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (right).

  After feeling unwell, Prince Philip was admitted to the Edward VII Hospital in London on the evening of February 16 local time on the advice of a doctor. He is currently transferred to St Bartholomew's Hospital.

  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that Buckingham Palace pointed out that Prince Philip continued to be treated for the infection, and doctors were also monitoring and testing his old heart disease, and said that Prince Philip had responded to the treatment and felt good at the moment.

  Prince Philip is expected to remain hospitalized this week.

  Sources previously stated that Prince Philip had been feeling unwell for several days before he was admitted to the hospital, but that it had nothing to do with the new crown virus.

He went to the hospital by car instead of an ambulance. It is known that he also walked into the hospital on his own.

The exact cause of Prince Philip's admission to the hospital has not been revealed so far.

  The 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were vaccinated against the new crown by a family physician at Windsor Castle in January this year.

The queen is still staying at Windsor Castle.