In the clip above, our reporter explains the new rules for restaurants and cafés and Viktor Peterson gives his view on the matter.

The rules about eating alone thus apply to restaurants without their own entrance.

For those restaurants that have their own entrance, closing now applies no later than 20.30, for table service.

However, restaurants may continue to sell takeaway food.

Critical of rules for serving alcohol

Already earlier (starting Christmas Eve) it is forbidden to serve alcohol after 20:00 and the maximum number of parties in restaurants is four people.

Viktor Peterson does not give much for these rules.

- When we leave work at eight on Fridays, you see gangs of boys and girls walking from the restaurant to the nearest apartment.

So I think it's counterproductive.

If you allow alcohol sales in restaurants, it takes place under controlled conditions.

There are staff who work to keep people apart and inform them about the distance rules - while it does not happen on the corner sofa in the home, he says.