Rescue center Mitt received an automatic alarm about the fire just before one, the night before Monday.

- When the first unit was in place, we saw that there was smoke development in the building.

Once inside the building, a fire was found in the basement which has since found its way up into the building, says Alexander Westerberg, management operator at Räddningscentral Mitt.

- At the moment, it is burning on the first floor and hitting flames in the ceiling, says Westerberf at 03.00.

30 firefighters are on site from four different stations to fight the fire.

There is currently no risk of spreading, but the rescue service does not yet have the fire under control.

The rescue service's assessment is that the building cannot be saved.

Suspected arson

The police suspect that the fire was started and have initiated a preliminary investigation into suspected arson.

No students

According to the rescue service and the police, there is no information that people are in the fire-ravaged auditorium.

- Students live at the school but they live in other buildings that are separated by a road from the building in question, says Fredrik Andersson, duty officer at the police in the Stockholm region.

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